Technocratic Evolution

My quick sketch of the project re-etched.

My quick sketch of the Technocratic Evolution project re-etched. Moving from a homo habilis with a 1980s Macintosh on the left, the temporal sequence continues up to the modern human with his tablet, phone, Google Glass, and fit-bit, and concludes with the head in ajar premise from Futurama (specifically Richard Nixon’s head, as a reference not just to the show, but to the issues with governmental open access policies Nixon’s Watergate fiasco exposed).

The best emerging open access archives of 3D digital heritage, like those of the fabulous Leakey Foundation,  focus on collections of skeletal remains that run the full gamut of human evolution. Having these remains digitized allows for comprehensive comparison of international samples side-by-side, something difficult to do with the fragile samples in the real world.

We’d like to 3D print some of these analytical skeletal remains and respectfully juxtapose them against the evolution of technology over the last fifty years. Humankind is evolving its technology at a much faster rate than it itself evolved into modern homo sapien sapien, and we really ought to be addressing this fascinating movement towards technocracy.

Open access to information has played a huge part in that speed, the more information is available and collaboration is on-going, the faster research and development is able to gallop ahead. Towards what, we are not sure…But if we are developing ethical digital systems for our heritage as we go along, hopefully whatever lies ahead will be something the eventual global society is content with.

As described in the sketch caption, the piece will begin with samples of the earliest skeletal remains paired with the first ranges of boxy personal computers, the evolutionary timescale will continue through, until it hits the modern man with his bevy of digital toys, and proposes a Futurama themed continuum.

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